A bit of this, a bit of that

Let’s call this a blog post.

Let’s call it an experiment.

Let’s call it a thank you. You know what, just go ahead and call it whatever you like. I don’t care. After three days of being lobbed from pillar to post (can one even have pillars and posts—other than blog posts—on the internet?) by web hosting services, various Helpdesk phantoms and well-meaning tech friends, I finally stumbled upon Grace G. at the Squarespace Helpdesk.

Grace G. started by throwing a link to an article at me. It was filled with terms like DNS and CNAMES and A-something-or-other. I told her it might as well have been written in Dothraki.

Having discovered that I am as lost and defenseless in the world of technology as I’d be in Essos, Grace G. reached for her pen (which, in her case definitely is mightier than the sword). Fine, realistically, it was probably a stylus. Whatever. The point is, she sure knew how to fight her way through that horde of Dothraki words in the article. She reached for her trusty stylus and swished out some commands I could lob back at another hidden face at my domain host.

And just like that, she made magic happen. It’s the truth: The proof lies in these pages you are admiring right now. You’d better be admiring them. I typed the content, but without Grace G. conquering the netherworldly maze of coding that drives this crazy ether-real world we inhabit, no one would ever have seen them.

So thank you, Grace G. The Cretan maze that is the underbelly of the internet is a scary place for the technically challenged.